Sunday Buffet
   all you can eat...

On Sundays from 11:00am to 3:00pm we have a super delicious country cookin' buffet. It's all you can eat with access to our full salad bar, and dessert for $10.25. Kids 6 - 10 eat for $6.75, under 6 for $2.75, and carry-out plates are $5.25 a pound.

Rotating Items

Date Meat Casserole Corn Style Beans
5/27/2018 Closed Closed Closed Closed
6/3/2018 Meat Loaf Chicken Casserole Corn On the Cob Lima Beans
6/10/2018 Pork Chops Brocolli Casserole Shoepeg Corn Black Eyed Peas
6/17/2018 Baked Ham Chicken Casserole Corn On the Cob Lima Beans


Item Type Description
Fried Chicken Poultry Deep Fried Chicken Breasts, Wings, Legs, and Thighs
Pinto Beans Beans Southern Style Pintos
Cornbread Bread The good stuff
Biscuits Bread Thick soft buttered southern style biscuits.
Fried Okra Vegetable Deep fried breaded okra pieces
Fried Squash Vegetable Deep fried, thinnly sliced, and hand breaded squash
Sweet Potato Casserole Vegetable Sweet potatoes with a thin layer of brown sugar and pecan topping
Macaroni and Cheese Starch Southern baked macaroni and cheese.
Green Beans Vegetable Traditional homemade green beans.
Country Style Steak Beef Deep Fried cube steak, tenderized in brown gravy.
White Rice Starch Classic white rice with butter
Mashed Potatoes Vegetable Super good traditional mashed potatoes
Baked Chicken Poultry Oven baked chicken breasts in cream of mushroom gravy
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